Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary when a tooth is past the point of being saved by fillings or root canal therapy.

If a tooth is past the point of restoration, Dr. Clemente may have to extract it so that it does not cause any further complications. When a permanent tooth must be extracted, a dental implant can be inserted to replicate the look and feel of a natural tooth.

If your jawline does not have enough room to accommodate all of your teeth without crowding, you may need to have some permanent teeth extracted. This can be an option before or in conjunction with an orthodontic treatment to resolve over-crowding of teeth.

A tooth that does not fully emerge is considered an impacted tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth are very common. They are often painless and do not cause problems. However, an impacted tooth sometimes pushes on a neighboring tooth and it can cause a misaligned bite. A partially emerged tooth can also trap food, plaque, and other debris in the soft tissue around it. This leads to an inflammation and tenderness of the gums and unpleasant mouth odor. This is called pericoronitis. The retained debris may also lead to the decay on the wisdom tooth or the neighboring tooth.

Before Dr. Clemente extracts your tooth/teeth, he will use his gentle touch to make the process comfortable. If you think you may have one or more teeth that may need to be examined, don’t wait until it gets worse, give us a call today. We will get you in for an appointment right away so that your mouth can be evaluated and Dr. Clemente will then determine if an extraction is necessary. We would prefer to save your natural teeth. Tooth extraction is a last resort when the tooth cannot be saved.